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We're Back!!!........

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Hello Savvy Fabby followers! We hope you all had a great holiday season! We have been looking forward to this so much and we were so eager to share it all with you for the past few weeks so this is very exciting for us to finally be able to say we have made changes!!

We love refinishing furniture and we still have a shop that we work on custom orders and unique pieces everyday but we realized this world is turning into a very much online dominated world. We tried having a physical location for our customers to come and view our things but honestly it was taking so much time away from our work and our families we couldn't sustain it anymore without it taking away from too much. So we decided to sell all our unique pieces through social media. While we were preparing for these changes we starting painting canvas', paint pouring, poly clay coasters and jewelry bowls but we also stumbled across some YouTube channels of Canadian resellers and we knew we had a knack for finding unique items already so why not share out style and love for saving things with others as well as expand our art (stay tuned for more things being added daily to our website, we've been secretly working on special art projects to share)

We opened up an EBay and Etsy store to share all this work with you and we really hope we can open up some new avenues for ourselves thought this online dominated market. We usually do most of the computer work ourselves but believe it or not this shit is hard!! LOL... with some research and trial and error we built this website and all the social media outlets ourselves! We knew we could do it, just took time. Why pay someone else to do something that you can learn to do yourself right!!

Although I am sure there are things we will learn along our way, we are confident we can grow Savvy Fabby Designs into something really big! We are artist's who love doing what we do and we support buying handmade or local everyday! This world needs to become more about caring about other people and being sustainable to better this world for our kids. Help us make that a dream come true!

Stay Safe and Keep being Crafty.....

Jenn and Ashli

Savvy Fabby Designs

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