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We have a co-op student working with us!!

We are so excited to share with everyone that we have welcomed a grade 12 co-op student from Clark Secondary school here in London Ontario. We were contacted to see if we were interested in participating and at first we didn't know if it would be a good fit. We have a shop but its not huge so we were worried that the space wouldn't work. After we thought about it we decided we would make it work because we just love teaching all the things we have learned over the years. Our own children are either too young or have no desire to learn about anything their mothers do LOL

We now have Sydney working with us and she is so awesome! She comes in everyday ready to learn something new. She doesn't need much guidance which to us means we may have another furniture flipper in the making here! She works so well with us and even though its only been a few weeks we have taught her so much already! We love that she is so willing to learn so we have decided that we are going to get her a piece to work on herself that she can either sell or keep once her co-op is over in January. We want her to have the full experience with something she can walk away with knowing she completed all by herself.

This business Ashli and I have built together has become our passion. We love being able to create these pieces and we are so happy to share that with Sydney. Hopefully one day when we have our store Sydney will come back and work with us! We cant wait to show you all the fun things we will be creating with her. So stay tuned to see what we are creating everyday so you don't miss out!

Thanks everyone for continuing to follow us on our journey! Stay safe and keep being crafty!!

Jenn and Ashli,

Savvy Fabby Designs.

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