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Teaching someone how to turn something old into something new....

As most of you know we have a new co -op student, Sydney. She has been such a great asset to us! She is learning so much and so fast that we have already picked the piece she will be doing from start to finish. I was gifted this old antique dresser from a friend and we knew right away it would be perfect for Sydney! It has great bones but as you can see if definitely needs some work.

When I say this is the perfect piece I mean it! Barely any damage, has great bones, some missing hardware but we want to modernize it anyway so that doesn't matter. Wait till you see the natural wood and color Sydney has picked!

We will be taking videos and photos of Sydney's progress and sharing all the things she is learning with us so stay tuned to see the transformation!

Today we started with taking the hardware off and giving the whole piece a very good clean with Simple green. With the age of this piece its very important you use a cleaner that will get all those years of grim and dirt off. The reason this step is so important is because we are looking for longevity when it comes to what we create. If this step is missed then the paint or stain you are using will not adhere properly and your paint and finish will come off very easily. This step Sydney has become an expert on! She was very thorough and the water was almost black! Once that step is done you want to ensure you rinse the entire piece with clean water. Sometimes these cleaners can leave a residue behind which if not rinsed off will also not allow your paint to adhere. Making sure Sydney understands these steps is very important. A lot of people think its seems so easy to just repaint something but its really not. The side you don't get to see is the days of prep work it sometimes takes to create these beautiful pieces. So as to not sugar coat anything for Sydney we wanted to show her all sides of what it takes to create our art work.

Once Sydney got those steps done she was done for the day. We took some photos and video clips of what she did today so we can create a video of the whole process, start to finish!

Stay tuned for tomorrows update! Here's a small hint, Sydney's color choice is baby blue :)

Stay safe, and keep being crafty!!


Savvy Fabby Designs

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