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Introducing........ Savvy Fabby Designs !!!

First we would like to extend a HUGE thank you to all our followers who have stuck with us during this big transition. As you all know we started our Journey as Furniture Artists about a year and a half ago and so far we have loved EVERY minute of that journey! We recently realized we limited ourselves when we first started creating our art for our business. We called our business Savvy Fabby Furniture thinking we would always only want to be creative with furniture. Turns out we were SO WRONG. Not only did we discover our love for being artistic but we realized its not just with furniture! We love all things art! We have found ourselves as ARTISTS...that's what this journey has all been about! Finding ourselves and what we truly love to do. We have done exactly that. So now we have done a revamp on what we are doing and what our future goals are going to be. So stay tuned. We will be blogging about Everything we do going forward so you can share our new journey with us!!

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