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Can a piece of furniture actually hate you????.......

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

That might sound strange, I know. But seriously.... this buffet is the one piece of furniture since I started doing this that no matter what design I tried it just WILL NOT SELL!!

I did the right amount of research on this beauty and it is a big deal! It's from the 70's era and It's solid walnut. I knew I wanted to make something beautiful out of it and right away it spoke to me, I saw light blue with pretty wild flowers. Truth be told I had been watching a lot of other fellow flippers on YouTube and they were doing similar pieces so I thought why not!! I can do that! LOL....turns out I was wrong. The problem is those other people did those designs because that is what their market where they live is looking for! My market is clearly not interested in the look I went with. This here is what it looked like once I finished it the first time.

I loved it! But other people? Not so much. It was up for sale for weeks! And it was in our booth at the weekend market for at least a month and absolutely no bites! Everyone said it was lovely just not everyone's cup of tea. So feeling defeated I decided to go with another plan. Our market here in London Ontario is very much bright colors so I thought why not a gorgeous royal blue type color?! So again I redid the piece and that's when it happened, all my hard work, down the drain again! Here's why.....

As you can see, its not my best work. I tried to sand the top again as I had already sanded it the first time, I didn't realize I shouldn't go much deeper and as I went away sanding I went through to the Pine wood underneath the Walnut!!!! I couldn't believe what I did. I figured I could add an accent piece on top of the wood to try and hide it and clearly I just gave up LOL. I mean look at it! Its awful. Not only that but because I used wax to seal it the previous time I must not have sanded it thoroughly enough so the blue paint I used started peeling off. Also the gold gilding wax I used turned out looking like a child applied it because of my sausage fingers so here we were....feeling defeated again LOL

Of course I put it up online and regretted it immediately. I mean what was I thinking? I do like the color and thought about maybe just painting it again just a solid blue all over but because I was so upset about how this piece of furniture hated me and for how much I stared at it disappointed in the result I knew it had to be a different color. I had recently used a fusion color called Bayberry and thought I may as well do a solid color all over and see what happens. After doing hours of prep and painting and sealing this is what I was left with...and I for one LOVE how it turned out. This is what it should have been right from the start!

This piece and I went through so much together it's almost sad to see her go but I know someone will absolutely love her as much as I do. I learned so many important lessons in the past few months that will help me so much in my future work so as much as I want to say I hated this project I really can't because every day I am constantly learning, and who can hate that?

What do you guys think? Did I nail it? Do you think it will sell now? Have you ever dealt with a difficult piece like this? Let us know your story :)

Stay safe and keep being crafty!


Savvy Fabby Designs

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