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Jenn Roy

Jennifer Roy
Artist/Co Owner/

My name is Jenn. I am the co owner and artist of Savvy Fabby Designs. I have a love of all things bright and colorful and that is most definitely present in my work. If you are looking for someone totally unique and out of the box than look no further! I am your girl! If you would like me to create a custom order for you please reach out to me. Take a look at my portfolio and email me today.

I am also a writer and do all the blog writing for Savvy Fabby Designs. Don't forget to check it out! We do a lot of project updates, daily stories and struggles, and design choices and much much more!  


Ashli Stanford

Ashli Stanford
Artist/Co Owner

My name is Ashli. I am the co owner and artist of Savvy Fabby Designs. I am the one who loves all things blended. Ombre, natural wood, gold accents. I love them all! I really enjoy working on antiques. The ones no one sees the beauty in until I get my hands on it! If you want to see my work browse through my portfolio and see what I create. You will not be disappointed. I create beautiful unique pieces and would love to work with anyone who appreciates art like I do. Send me an email to book an appointment.


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